“Bali represents a lifestyle of creativity, love, freedom, travel, joy, health & counting your blessings every single day!” – WELIKEBALI.

Travelling to Bali is a cultural and spiritual journey that needs to be experienced in order to be understood. The place is called “The Island of The Gods,” and appropriately so because you are surrounded by beauty and peace. My Bali trips have taught me a lot about myself, about the person I want to be and to be humble. It was a reminder of how important kindness and generosity is: the locals are both charming and cheerful that it would seem hard to have a bad day, forever smiling. I’ve learnt to acknowledge and accept differences and to take each experience for what it is.

I was lucky enough to visit the most beautiful locations that the island has to offer beginning in Uluwatu, Jimbaran, Canggu and Ubud.

Here are a few things I have learnt about Bali :

  • There’s a wondrous sense of calm and an abundance of positivity.
  • You have a sudden urge to eat healthy and by healthy I mean, those acai/smoothie bowls you see all over Instagram. I wish I was fed Nalu Bowls every single day.
  • You don’t need a license to drive a motor scooter, children as young as 12, a family of four and crazy bastards (I being one of them) are zipping down on the highway – (and rental is super cheap, around $30HKD per day).
  • Offerings, the stunning colourful displays that are presented to the ‘Gods’ to steer away the bad ju-ju. Don’t feel bad if you step on them, they are everywhere including the middle of busy pedestrian walkways.
  • Drivers hoot at everybody, they hoot at other drivers, scooters, pedestrians, animals – they show no mercy when it comes to the horn.
  • Traffic is insane. We experienced an hours drive to get from one side of Seminyak to the other, inexpensive transport man.
  • Rice terraces are very quintessential Bali and are a dominant part of the scenery around the island; stunning intricate systems of terrace rice fields almost everywhere.
  • Waterfalls, so many breathtaking natural wonders to experience – my favourite so far being Kanto Lampo waterfall. It’s a shame the second time round, the waterfall was ‘closed’ due to repair work… hmmm okay la.

Nalu Bowls


Tegalalang Ricefields

Tegalalang Rice Fields

Melasti Beach

Melasti Beach

Git-Git Waterfalls

Bali Hayley Appleford

Ubud Souvenir Shopping




Most of all during my time here, I’ve learnt to be grateful. Grateful for the experiences, grateful for the relationships, grateful for my senses, grateful to be able to travel and to exist in such a beautiful world as this. Bali, I think I love you.

‘Don’t be scared, just be aware’ – Anon.

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