For want of a more captivating way of opening my first substantial update with the relaunch of my website (previously The Lifestyle Menu), well… that’s always going to be tough but let’s start with I LIVE IN HONG KONG.

The extent of my general knowledge of Hong Kong culture was fairly limited upon my impending move. I visited a number of times last year but all I knew is that I liked what I saw and I left my dear London for the island on New Years Eve.

I’m not going to lie, 5 months in at times it can be tough. It’s a learning curve to say the least. I often find myself in long-periods of confusion as Hong Kong can amusingly (and sometimes frustratingly) appear to defy all logic. Nevertheless the city is electrifying, fast-paced and intriguing all rolled into one; a rollercoaster …. and a pleasant one.

Hong Kong

Here are just a few things I have learned so far:

  1. Wave goodbye to personal space. London is crowded do not get me wrong but Hong Kong is London amplified 87347 times. I had to brace myself for the souring rental price for a cupboard-sized apartment. Thankfully they have an IKEA here and those magical storage boxes make storage that little bit more bearable.
  2. FOODIE PARADISE. The culinary scene here is incredible and with an abundance of restaurants and eateries of all varieties. In addition to that there are some serious food bloggers roaming around armed with their DSLRs… I am in good company 🙂IMG_5655
  3. 90% of taxi drivers appear to hate you. I am yet to have frivolous conversation with a taxi driver about weekend plans, current events,  favourite breed of puppies… more like ‘Hi sir, could you please take me to Hollywood Rd’ to receive a grunt, muttering of what I assume are curse words and to stop a block away from my destination.
  4. Since I’m new to the city I’m bound to ask questions when curious. Standard. When there is no logical answer the answer is often ‘it’s Hong Kong’ – never ask ‘but why’ because the answer is still ‘it’s Hong Kong’. The End.
  5. Supermarkets are a world of their own. I love to cook so I have a number of recipes archived in the back of my head that I like to throw together from time to time. This has been a little difficult to execute here as supermarkets tend to run out of at least one vital ingredient that you really need and I’m not talking about obscure/rare ingredients neither. I’m taking about chicken, mushrooms, avocados, tomatoes, lemon …. you’re basically fucked and the reply from the supermarket worker is ‘it’s Hong Kong’. This shit doesn’t often happen in London and this is still taking some getting used to !
  6. Hong Kong is a small place and it’s about who you know. Networking is oh so very important and should be prioritised highly if you want to get on here.
  7. & those people you meet, most probably do yoga. I’m surrounded by fit and healthy yogi bears so in my attempt to blend in – I start my first session next week 😉
  8. IT CAN BE SOOO HOT, MUGGY, BALMY & the rest…. For the most part of the year I have to say goodbye to my staple skinny jeans and leather jackets … sigh. A brisk walk can have you breaking into a sweat, but the trick is to find those air conditioned pockets en route to your end destination (mine is Zara and various 7 elevens).
  9. I have a new love for hiking. Prior to moving here, I thought a hike is simply walking (easy right?) and in theory it is but I have walked some fuckers since I have been here including those Twin Peaks … Twin Peaks
  10. Creating height related problems (how tall do these ATM machines need to be when local people cannot reach them….)Hong Kong

Moving to somewhere new will always throw new experiences at you and for now, despite some of my rants of confusion I’m enjoying those curveballs. I believe it’s important to try new things because you find your sense of self to how you respond to these changes. Being ‘happy’ is something that I was craving for a long time and this meant making a change. I’ve lived in London my entire life but I grew tired of the lifestyle there so when the opportunity arose for me to relocate to Hong Kong I can confidently say, I have made the right decision for now.

Relaunching my website has inspired me to share with you my passions and to spark making positive choices. Hong Kong has been awesome to me so far  & I cannot wait to see what’s next 🙂

‘A year from now, you will wished you had started today’ – Karen Lamb

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