2016 was a challenging yet exciting year for me but I’ve been longing for 2017 to start. I spent my first morning in Hong Kong on New Year’s Day of 2016 after travelling with three suitcases to start a new life from London to here on NYE and wow what a journey it has been since. I’ve learnt a lot about myself through the mistakes I have made and my perspective on life has changed a lot during this time. I’ve learnt to be more grateful and appreciative of the journeys experienced and I feel very fortunate to experience those with beautiful souls. Given the tragedies that are going on in the world, I’m very blessed and will not take any experience for granted. Ever. I’ve comprehended the type of person I want to be and how I’d like to give back to the world. I feel that 2016 was somewhat of a test run or trial if you will for the impending year ahead.

Goals and dreams have always been important to me. I know there are many memes flying around *new year new me bulls*it* but quite frankly I think it’s the perfect time to reflect and make plans to pursue what makes you and others happy. These do not have to be big goals, sometimes really small – the things that matter.

Here are my personal goals for 2017 I would like to share with you:

Stay Connected. Less technology. While we connect via FaceTime, social media, email which is fundamental for communication with friends and family back home – nothing beats the power of putting those devices down and scheduling time spent with loved ones over lunch, coffee dates, trips and adventures. Ensuring those people in your life are put first as they will be your anchor through the waves of downturns and peaks. I vow to plan ahead for the important stuff – trips with my sister, regular catch ups with friends, dinner dates with my love.

Learn French. I believe this has been on my New Year’s Resolution list for many years now but this year, equipped with my Rosetta Stone and a boyfriend who’s going to interact with me in French more – I’m going to tackle basic conversations. Allez!

Meditate. I believe the power in meditation. Whether it be the first thing in the morning or right before sleep, those precious 10-15 minutes to yourself to slow down, to think about what you’re grateful for, focus on what you want to achieve and send to those positive signals out to the world. YOU TIME.

Learn New Skills. As I sit here writing this post, Nicolas is next to me learning how to use Illustrator from video tutorials. That beautiful brain.  I’d like to learn a number of new skills this year that include Adobe Photoshop (finally!), Adobe Lightroom, improve on my photography – getting to know my cameras/settings/lenses and delve more into the creative side of WordPress. Educate me.

Working Out & Clean Eating. As the joy ride of my fast metabolism begins to slow, one has to consider cutting out the sugars, gluten, dairy and opt for cleaner foods. I’ve archived a number of cool recipes that I’m excited to try out in order to support my healthy choices which I’ll no doubt document on my Instagram. Additionally, I work in a building whereby the gym is just a number of floors below me. Lunchtimes and post work I am going to dedicate some hours kicking ass (or have the gym kick my ass – doesn’t matter, some ass is going to get kicked) to shred and tone my body shape. My work outs are inclusive of circuit training, yoga, bosu training and weekend stretches at home.

Personal Projects. I have a few projects that I keep putting off and push blame towards work when in reality this is due to lack of motivation and organisation. 2017, I’m going to work towards pursing two of my projects. All to be revealed soon.

Reading. Aside from reading books on technology and textbooks to support my MBA, I have missed times spent lounging and reading a good book. Previously my journeys into work would involve a captivating read however nowadays this has now moved towards listening to music or podcasts on my iPhone. It’s time to revert back. Any suggestions welcome 🙂

Creative. I have a creative side don’t you know? 😉 I like to draw and sketch. Once we are in our new apartment, I would like to dedicate sometime on Sundays to unleash my creative side and to start drawing again. I find it therapeutic and I’m pretty sure I’d like to replace whatever IKEA art we have on the wall with something a little more personal.

What are your New Years Resolutions 2017, I’d love to read them. From me to you, Happy New Year filled with love, adventures and health and with all my heart I wish you all the happiness in the world.

L’amour fait les plus grandes douceurs et les plus sensibles infortunes de la vie.– Madeleine de Scudery (New Years Resolutions 2017)

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