I wanted to write a blog post about this for a while. I’m pretty sure you have heard of him, Abel Tesfaye or better known as The Weeknd – armed with lush compositions, louche lyrics and a tonne of talent, he has energized R&B fans since 2010 when he released a masterpiece of an mixtape – House of Balloons.

The Weeknd hails from Toronto as well as hip-hop megastar Drake. The first three tracks Tesfaye went viral with was largely part because Drizzy posted them on his blog. The Weeknd’s quick rise to Internet fame, both in indie circles and in parts of the R&B mainstream, raised the profile of the blurrier-than-ever lines between this newfound embrace of R&B.

Anybody who knows me knows that I am one of The Weeknd’s greatest fans. Since his debut mixtape release, I have been hooked. I was at university at the time and remember listening to this over and over again in between classes and in my room. His R&B voice forgoing traditional love ballads for intoxicated reflections on the effects of directionless hedonism is fluid throughout his music. Since then he released Thursday, Echoes of Silence, Trilogy and Kiss Land.

Just today ‘Where You Belong’ was released as part of the new Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack just after ‘Earned It’. I really love this track, his echoey lustrous voice and the killer electric guitar in the background makes perfect listening.

The Weeknd – Where You Belong

The Weeknd – Earned It

I thought I would stick a link to the House of Balloons EP below as I am still completely mesmerized by it – 5 years on. I bet 99% of you have heard of this EP, but it’s one of the greatest mixtapes I have ever heard so whether its the first time you will be listening  to this or this evokes some memories for you – I hope you enjoy. I love the obscure, morning-after tales of lust, hurt, and over-indulgence matched by this incredibly lush, downcast music.

But baby I’m a pro at letting go. I love it when they come and go… 


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