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On an island where beauty speaks true, we discover one of Bali’s most luxurious yet comfortable sanctuaries in the South of the Jimbaran district, namely Villa Hardevi. Nestled in what seems a secluded part of this area, this pretty private hideaway feels tranquil, fashionable and desirably private; a perfect stay if you’re a party of friends, looking for a family getaway or a sanctuary for solitude with a loved one.

Here you will find there is space to relax, a far cry from the confined spaces I am used to since living in Hong Kong (the bathroom here is the size of my entire bedroom in HK!). Villa Hardevi boasts three double bedrooms each with their own bathrooms (the bedroom on the first level even has its own private bathroom outside – a perfect haven to bask in the sunshine whilst soaking in a bath full of bubbles), two outdoor lounges on both floors, an inside lounge, kitchen, outdoor dining area, garden and private heated swimming pool.

Villa Hardevi comes complete with practical features including complimentary high-speed WiFI, drinking water, mosquito coils, towels and more. This modern villa is charming, has plenty of spots to relax and the villa is full of natural light. Bliss.Villa Hardevi

Staying at Villa Hardevi

In true form, our flight was delayed due to poor weather conditions in Hong Kong so we arrived a lot later than scheduled. Tired and unbelievably hungry, we hailed a cab which took us 45 mins to reach our destination. Off the beaten track, here we were greeted by the warm smile of our kind host Pak Wayan; who immediately took our cases and offered us cool towels and freshly squeezed watermelon juice to welcome us in. We were blown away at the sheer size of the villa, decorated with emblems of Balinese art. I knew Pak Wayan and I would get along just fine as soon after the tour finished, he served us a BBQ feast – you know your way to a woman’s heart, Wayan :).

The next day, the team organised a driver for us to visit the local beaches (read more on my next blog post on our travel adventures in Bali). I would highly recommend booking a personal driver for the day because you can follow your own itinerary. I’m reluctant to book a group tour especially when you’re looking to visit waterfalls, temples etc to photograph – it’s not ideal to have masses of people in the shot. We booked our driver for 10 hours which cost only $60 USD. Pretty awesome.

By the end of the tour, we relaxed at the villa, ordered a Thai feast and collapsed on the outside lounger watching the sunset before we enjoyed a full body scrub given by masseuse therapists from City Spa – at the villa. Perfection. Nicolas and I each took a room and the treatment lasted just over an hour where your body is completely cleansed, scrubbed and left rejuvenated – summer tan ready. This is a must if you want a glowing all over tan. If you’re looking for some pampering, I’d highly recommend making an appointment with City Spa on their website for a range of soothing and relaxing indulgence with their treatments ranging from traditional Balinese Herbal Mask, Aromatherapy Massage and Nail Treatments – who come straight to your door.

Villa Hardevi Bali

Breakfast is served every morning at a time that suits you, with a choice of local or American style offerings accompanied by fresh fruit, coffee/tea – a fulfilling start to the day.

Villa Hardevi is the perfect location for checking out the beaches, of which we travelled to Pandawa, Padang Padang, Melasti and Dreamland Beach. After our day of exploring, our pretty stay proved to be a sanctuary after a long day to wash the salt from our skin under the outdoor shower and relax on the balcony with local wine and delicacies. The options are endless…

Villa Hardevi

Villa Hardevi

Villa Hardevi

Villa Hardevi BaliVilla Hardevi Bali

Villa Hardevi Bali

Villa Hardevi Bali

Verdict on Villa Hardevi

Staying at Villa Hardevi has made me rethink how I will travel in the future. I often envisaged private villas to be pricey and I just never really gave it a second thought when travelling. I soon discovered that with Nagisa Bali they have a number of opulent properties all over Bali at reasonable rates, starting as little as $148 USD per night for a little piece of luxury all to yourselves.

Villa Hardevi is a three bedroom villa priced from $380 USD per night; divided by three sets of couples each with a room – lesser than a hotel. Unlike hotels, I feel that the hosts at the Villa Hardvi offer an exceptional service – Pak Wayan’s team are a real asset to Nagisa Bali. They do a lot behind the scenes which include cleaning, taking care of the mosquitos, gardening etc to ensure you just relax.

Villa Hardevi Bali

Villa Hardevi

Special thanks to @nagisavillas for the memorable stay with you, we will see you very soon.

For an unforgettable stay visit the Villa Hardevi Website 

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